On the next episode of Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! Tristin and Tyler support STAT! For New York City’s Public Hospitals.  A week-long, New York City wide, “star-filled series of concerts and performances celebrate and benefit the work of our public hospitals and healthcare facilities in these challenging times.”

Tyler, Tristin and Floor Obsession Crew

Tristin and Tyler were recently invited to attend the kick-off event, a family musical called “You Haven’t Seen This Before.” The musical featured The Broadway Boys, gospel great Valerie Boyd, The Kids of Broadway, Paulie Litt and Floor Obsession Crew  among many others!

Tristin, Tyler and the Kids of Broadway

Check out some of the photos and stay tuned for the episode for fun interviews and amazing performances!

The Kids of Broadway

Floor Obsession Crew making moves!

Paulie Litt

The Broadway Boys



Making Eco Moves! That’s what Tristin and Tyler are doing in the next episode of Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! with Fun Art teacher

Laurie Rivlin Caspert of the FunArt Bus!

Laurie gathers up materials that would otherwise be thrown into the trash and recycles them into fun crafts with kiddies!

Tyler picking out his materials for his craft!


Getting on a school bus that has been turned into an art studio! No more huge seats and small aisles, this bus has been remodeled to look like your favorite art class!

The mobile art studio!


The fact this bus can go just about anywhere and bring the party to you is super smart. You can have a birthday party, or just a fun day crafting and not leave your neighborhood!


Laurie is SUPER FUN! It’s easy to see why she is a teacher. She treats the kids like gold, and loves to help them get creative.

The kids did NOT want to leave the bus.

The kids crafting up a storm!

Trying to shoot the episode, AND keep the kids away from the crafts and the dry erase board on the front of the bus was HARD!

But we got through it and we have an amazing episode as a result!

Tyler having fun with Laurie!

Would you craft on a mobile EcoCraft Art Studio?


Mommy is Entertaining!

Do you have time to entertain? I mean, other than entertaining the kiddies? Me either, so I was excited to attend two events, hosted by two ahhmazing women, to learn some entertaining tips, trends and tricks to make entertaining easy! Thanks to MOM TRENDS and LIZA AMERICA’S HOST, I am ready to be the hostess with the mostest!

If you’re not familiar with MOM TRENDS, get familiar! MOM TRENDS is a great blog and resource on what’s hot for kids and mamas alike started by Nicole Feliciano.

Nicole Feliciano of Mom Trends


From L to R: Denise of "Moms and the City", Nicole of Mom Trends and I

So, what did I learn? Put a spin on the classics! Regular donuts at an event? Nope! BOOZY donuts at an event? Oh yeah! Boozy donuts are regular donuts literally injected with a small amount of liquor. Fun, huh?

How about bringing back the punch bowl and adding some decorative edible flowers (which I didn’t know existed, by the way) for a decorative punch!

Making Boozy Donuts!

Takeaway? Make the ordinary, extraordinary! Check out this Mom Trends post for some amazing photos of the event! My camera was not cooperating. 😦


The next event was hosted by Liza America’s Host. Check out her website for tons of tips on “celebrating every day.” Liza is a mom who has owned two restaurants, so she knows how to entertain and get cookin’!

I think one of the most important lessons I learned was to be myself when entertaining and don’t worry so much!

Are you worry wart like me? Liza says entertaining is all about being yourself and taking it easy!

Liza showed us that cooking can be short, sweet and still D-LISH by showing us how to make an amazingly quick pizza with apples and manchego cheese, and a dessert perfect for the holidays with a hint of peppermint! Yum! Check her site here for the recipes!

Pizza made in 4 minutes!


All in all I realized that even with my nuts schedule, I too can entertain! I just have to find the right food, put a spin on things and, of course, be myself!

Are you big entertainer? Do you like to be the host?

In my eyes, going green with kids means learning something new, not accumulating more stuff, and ALWAYS taking care of your body!

For exercise, Tristin and Tyler play soccer and do tons of running around, so I never really thought of yoga as an option for them, until I heard about Karma Kids Yoga!

On the next episode of Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! the twins head to Karma Kids to learn some moves!


Aside from the stretching, flexibility and playing around, there is something ahhmazing about a child learning to do a difficult yoga move, and when they rock it the first time – like Tristin and Tyler did — the kids (and you) are OVER THE MOON!  🙂


I have done yoga tons of times, but I am soo not flexible. Trying it out with your child is amazingly different from doing it on your own.  I bet you think you will lose your concentration or “me” time with your child around, but for me it was funny, exciting and a great way to bond with my boys.

We tried something new together…what’s more fun than that?

So check out the next episode here tomorrow and make sure to check out Karma Kids Yoga here to learn about the classes they offer which the little one can take with (or without) ya!

NOW STRIKE A POSE! A yoga pose that is!




I hope you read my post on how to host or find a fun costume swap in your area!

Did you miss that post?  That’s okay, check it out here!

If you want to host a swap but won’t be able to get it together by tomorrow, host your own swap any day!!

 Tristin and Tyler show you how in their fun video called “SWAP DON’T SHOP!”



So exited to have my pal Amity from Green Gifts Guide guest posting on the blog today! Check out her post below about getting kids outdoors, then  be sure to visit her blog to find out about cool ideas for green gifting and so much more!

Take it away, Amity!

For an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party, Take it Outside

Fall is a great time to get out and enjoy the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.  Our favorite eco-twins, Tristin and Tyler are always out and about interviewing New Yorkers.  You won’t find these boys cooped up inside for long!  That’s why they know one of the best ways to celebrate is to get outside.

Getting outdoors is one of the best ways to instil a love for the planet in children.  Studies show that children who spend time in nature are happier, calmer, and well adjusted as adults. Plus, outdoors the kids can be as noisy and active as they want to be without disturbing the neighbors if you live in close quarters!

Turn the conventional birthday party upside down by trying one of these ideas for creating a fun and exciting, eco-friendly birthday party for your kids:

  • Take a tour of a local organic farm and learn about animals and plants.
  • Visit an orchard or pumpkin patch.
  • Allow the kids to explore a local botanical garden, then bring them home to plant seeds of their own to take home.
  • If your local zoo practices humane and conservation-oriented animal keeping spend the day there with the kids to help them learn about endangered animals and ecosystem preservation.
  • Go on an overnight camping trip in a local national or regional park.
  • Host your own mini Olympic events including jump rope, relay races, kickball, or leap frog. Offer kids healthy cookies as “medals” – everyone’s a winner!
  • Head out to a free musical presentation or drama production (summer is a great time for such events).
  • Take the kids to a local nursery, buy them each a small tree seedling, and have them plant the tree in a local park or their own backyards. More ideas at American Forests.
  • Learn about birds by going bird watching, conducting a bird quest in a local forest, and having the kids learn to make their own flying airplanes.
  • Head out to a local butterfly conservatory and treat the kids to the miracle of a hatching butterfly.

Author bio:

Amity Hook-Sopko created Green Gifts Guide with her passion to share how gift giving can be responsible, sustainable and fun!  She loves helping busy moms find simple solutions for eco-friendly gift giving.

Tristin & Tyler Wore…

I’ve gotten a lot of requests from moms (and some dads) to share what Tristin and Tyler are wearing! Cool, huh?

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you!

Here’s what they wore this week (with new haircuts, I might add)!