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Thanksgiving is almost here! YAY!

Tristin and Tyler made a video to show your kids a fun craft they can do so they can be little kings and queens at the Thanksgiving table this year!

First, cut the crowns out of card stock and staple it closed, then let the kids go crazy and decorate!

Watch and learn from Tristin and Tyler!



Card Stock


Pom Poms






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Okay so, was I the only one who noticed that the weather in NYC yesterday was ahhmazing? Sort of weird since the boyz have been wearing down jackets for two weeks, but whose complaining?


Nothing says Fall better than a GAP barn jacket with a cordoroy collar and elbow pads.  Yesterday I added button down shirts from Ralph Lauren, some jeans and presto, the boyz were ready for the day! 

Oh, the boys decided to pull out the shades – what do you think?  

 Did you have nice weather too? What did you put on the kids?

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Tristin and Tyler love showing you guys Kwik Klips, fun videos under 3 minutes that make you and the kiddos smile! 🙂  In this week’s Kwik Klip, the boyz meet the ladies of Moms and the City and their little ones, at a screening of the new movie THE MUPPETS

The entire MUPPETS gang is back again and they are putting together an amazing musical for all ages!

The movie was great fun. Just what I remember about the Muppets from the good ole’ days: celebrity cameos, singing, dancing and a lot of corky jokes! I felt like a kid again!

After you stuff your face with turkey (and everything else) on Thanksgiving, make sure to take the kids to see the movie! It opens in theatres on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2011.  Thanks to Moms and the City for the invitation!

NOW, CHECK OUT THE VIDEO and ask yourself:



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Tristin and Tyler were invited by the fabulous ladies of  MOMS AND THE CITY to attend an advanced screening of THE MUPPETS MOVIE  which opens in theaters on Thanksgiving Day, November 23rd!

Tristin, Tyler and friends in costume getting ready for the screening!

Stay tuned for a video tomorrow about the screening with Tristin, Tyler the Moms and their kiddos in which Tristin and Tyler asked movie goers: “Whose your favorite Muppet?” Want to know their answers?


 In the meantime, check out what T & T wore to the screening!




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In my eyes, going green with kids means learning something new, not accumulating more stuff, and ALWAYS taking care of your body!

For exercise, Tristin and Tyler play soccer and do tons of running around, so I never really thought of yoga as an option for them, until I heard about Karma Kids Yoga!

On the next episode of Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! the twins head to Karma Kids to learn some moves!


Aside from the stretching, flexibility and playing around, there is something ahhmazing about a child learning to do a difficult yoga move, and when they rock it the first time – like Tristin and Tyler did — the kids (and you) are OVER THE MOON!  🙂


I have done yoga tons of times, but I am soo not flexible. Trying it out with your child is amazingly different from doing it on your own.  I bet you think you will lose your concentration or “me” time with your child around, but for me it was funny, exciting and a great way to bond with my boys.

We tried something new together…what’s more fun than that?

So check out the next episode here tomorrow and make sure to check out Karma Kids Yoga here to learn about the classes they offer which the little one can take with (or without) ya!

NOW STRIKE A POSE! A yoga pose that is!


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I’ve gotten a lot of requests from moms (and some dads) to share what Tristin and Tyler are wearing! Cool, huh?

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you!

Here’s what they wore this week (with new haircuts, I might add)!

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Get to Swappin’

HALLOWEEN! Yes, I said it, I know you think it’s to early to say the words “trick-or-treat” or “costume”  but it is coming up fast!  Have you gotten your kids’ costumes already? Me either!  But no worry!  There’s no stress in finding (or paying for) costumes if you host and/or attend a Costume Swap!

Anyone want to swap for these costumes?

Yup, kids all over the country are swapping costumes thanks to www.greenhalloween.org!  National Costume Swap DayTM is October 8, 2011!  It’s all about encouraging your community NOT to throw away costumes that no longer fit (or that your child refuses to wear) and swap it out for a costume your child will adore!
Yup, swapping these too!

How can YOU get to swappin’?  Well, you can check the Green Halloween website to see if there is a Costume Swap in your area.  Or, even better, host a swap yourself!

It’s so easy to host your own swap! You can register with Green Halloween at no cost!  Whether your swap is big or small, you are:

1. helping to reduce the amount of waste in landfills, including plastic packaging and other hard to recycle materials, 

2. saving money and

3. teaching your kids that sharing is TRULY caring!  

Want hosting tips? Visit here! For what kind of healthy treats to share, games to play and ways to be sure and have a successful swap!

Want some more resources? Check out one of my FAVORITE magazines for healthy kiddies Kiwi Magazine!   If you just can’t get enough tips, visit Swap.com!

Tristin and Tyler will definitely be participating in National Costume Swap DayTM  They even have a really cool video coming up all about costume swapping fun with friends!


Do you think you will host a swap? Where? Let us know!

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