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Tristin and Tyler are excited to get started on their healthy eating campaign to encourage kids to eat more fruits and vegetables and get some exercise! Launching in February, the campaign will feature weeks of videos, blog posts and advice from your favorite twins and some pretty healthy friends on how to eat right and get movin’!

One of the episodes you will be happy to see during the campaign is the boyz interviewing the Super Sprowtz, the awesome vegetable super heros!

If you haven’t heard of the Super Sprowtz, you’ve been missing a WHOLE LOTTA FUN!  Super Sprowtz creator Radha Agrawal is making kids LOVE their veggies by using books, hand puppets and soon TV (YAY!) to tell compelling stories about vegetables who save the day!

Oh! Almost forgot —  if you’re visiting The Children’s Museum of Manhattan anytime soon, be sure to check out the Super Sprowtz at the Eat Sleep Play exhibit! It’s so cool!

Check this fun video out and stay tuned for more coming soon!


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Tristin and Tyler love showing you guys Kwik Klips, fun videos under 3 minutes that make you and the kiddos smile! 🙂  In this week’s Kwik Klip, the boyz meet the ladies of Moms and the City and their little ones, at a screening of the new movie THE MUPPETS

The entire MUPPETS gang is back again and they are putting together an amazing musical for all ages!

The movie was great fun. Just what I remember about the Muppets from the good ole’ days: celebrity cameos, singing, dancing and a lot of corky jokes! I felt like a kid again!

After you stuff your face with turkey (and everything else) on Thanksgiving, make sure to take the kids to see the movie! It opens in theatres on Thanksgiving Day, November 23, 2011.  Thanks to Moms and the City for the invitation!

NOW, CHECK OUT THE VIDEO and ask yourself:



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On the next episode of Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! Tristin and Tyler support STAT! For New York City’s Public Hospitals.  A week-long, New York City wide, “star-filled series of concerts and performances celebrate and benefit the work of our public hospitals and healthcare facilities in these challenging times.”

Tyler, Tristin and Floor Obsession Crew

Tristin and Tyler were recently invited to attend the kick-off event, a family musical called “You Haven’t Seen This Before.” The musical featured The Broadway Boys, gospel great Valerie Boyd, The Kids of Broadway, Paulie Litt and Floor Obsession Crew  among many others!

Tristin, Tyler and the Kids of Broadway

Check out some of the photos and stay tuned for the episode for fun interviews and amazing performances!

The Kids of Broadway

Floor Obsession Crew making moves!

Paulie Litt

The Broadway Boys


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Making Eco Moves! That’s what Tristin and Tyler are doing in the next episode of Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! with Fun Art teacher

Laurie Rivlin Caspert of the FunArt Bus!

Laurie gathers up materials that would otherwise be thrown into the trash and recycles them into fun crafts with kiddies!

Tyler picking out his materials for his craft!


Getting on a school bus that has been turned into an art studio! No more huge seats and small aisles, this bus has been remodeled to look like your favorite art class!

The mobile art studio!


The fact this bus can go just about anywhere and bring the party to you is super smart. You can have a birthday party, or just a fun day crafting and not leave your neighborhood!


Laurie is SUPER FUN! It’s easy to see why she is a teacher. She treats the kids like gold, and loves to help them get creative.

The kids did NOT want to leave the bus.

The kids crafting up a storm!

Trying to shoot the episode, AND keep the kids away from the crafts and the dry erase board on the front of the bus was HARD!

But we got through it and we have an amazing episode as a result!

Tyler having fun with Laurie!

Would you craft on a mobile EcoCraft Art Studio?


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In my eyes, going green with kids means learning something new, not accumulating more stuff, and ALWAYS taking care of your body!

For exercise, Tristin and Tyler play soccer and do tons of running around, so I never really thought of yoga as an option for them, until I heard about Karma Kids Yoga!

On the next episode of Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! the twins head to Karma Kids to learn some moves!


Aside from the stretching, flexibility and playing around, there is something ahhmazing about a child learning to do a difficult yoga move, and when they rock it the first time – like Tristin and Tyler did — the kids (and you) are OVER THE MOON!  🙂


I have done yoga tons of times, but I am soo not flexible. Trying it out with your child is amazingly different from doing it on your own.  I bet you think you will lose your concentration or “me” time with your child around, but for me it was funny, exciting and a great way to bond with my boys.

We tried something new together…what’s more fun than that?

So check out the next episode here tomorrow and make sure to check out Karma Kids Yoga here to learn about the classes they offer which the little one can take with (or without) ya!

NOW STRIKE A POSE! A yoga pose that is!


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Well, it’s just about the end of summer (bummer) and Tristin and Tyler have worked hard on some fun episodes to show you parents what you just have to take advantage of in NYC before school really gets into full swing! You can do the activities with your kiddies, watch Tristin and Tyler’s episodes and then take the quiz with the kids in each episode to see what you remember! Cool huh? Make sure to tell us all about it on our Facebook page! Let’s get started!

FIRST UP: Central Park Face Painting!

Tyler turning into a Ninja!

Tristin and Tyler had the pleasure of meeting Melinda of Children’s Parties NYC! She does amazing face painting in Central Park! Want to find her? She hangs out right outside of the Heckscher Playground entrance and she makes kids look super whimsical! This week we will launch Tyler’s interview with Melinda, so stay tuned for that!

Tyler interviewing Melinda!

Tristin turning into....watch the episode and see!

NEXT! Sweetery Sweets!!

Tristin and Tyler on the Sweetery NYC truck!

Since the weather will soon be turning chilly, you’ve GOT to take advantage of NYC’s amazing food trucks! Our favorite? SWEETERY NYC! Why? Sweet stuff, great staff and they have super eco-friendly practices! Stay tuned for Tristin & Tyler’s interview with the owners of this fabulous truck, and watch the boys help out serving sweet treats to New Yorkers!


If you’re a New Yorker, you have definitely heard of Karma Kids Yoga, but you’ve never seen Karma Kids like this! Fun-filled and super stretchy, this episode follows Tristin and Tyler through their first yoga lesson and they will teach your kiddies a few moves too!

Tristin and Tyler using their feet to pass a ball

So now that you know what you have to do before school really gets under way, DO IT!   Take the kids to do these activities, watch the episodes and then let your kids take Tristin and Tyler’s quiz to see what they’ve learned! SO FUN!!


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On the next episode of Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! get ready to meet Sarah Kauss of S’well Bottle!  S’well sells ahhmazing reusable water bottles. What we noticed immediately about Sarah is her strong passion for what she is doing to help the environment which is truly admirable.  Sarah is an inspiration to kids and entrepreneurs everywhere!

Sarah, Tristin and Tyler

This was one of the best episodes we’ve ever shot. We had issues with finding a location and the weather, and how did Sarah handle it all? She just rolled with the punches the entire way! Now that’s what I call cool, especially when your dealing with two 7 yr olds, a crazy producer-mom and her husband! Truly, the boys did NOT stop talking about how much they liked her for days!

Tyler, Tristin and Sarah walking around Lincoln Center

Tristin interviewing Sarah


Not only do S’well Bottles keep your beverages cold for 24 HOURS (!!!), S’well Bottle donates 10% of all its sales to help build safe and hygienic water sources in Africa and India through a partnership with WaterAid.  If you’re thinking of purchasing a water bottle, does it get any better than S’well?

Oh, but wait, S’well gets even better! S’well has just launched a larger version of its bottle that can keep an ENTIRE bottle of wine cold, yes, WINE ladies!

I have the pink one, and I LUV it!


The best part about this episode is learning from Sarah and listening to her explain to the boys why reusable water bottles are important. Sarah also made us realize how lucky we are in New York City to have great tap water. We can just fill’er up and GO! And we all know that is not the case for many people around the world.  Sometimes you have to step back and put things in perspective. Sarah did that for us.

Do you use reusable water bottles? Are they as cool as S’well bottles? TALK TO ME!



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