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I love giving books for Christmas  because they basically last forever, and they can be passed down from generation to generation.  Now is that eco-friendly re-using, or what?

Here are Tristin and Tyler’s Top 5 Christmas Books! With a little commentary from the boyz themselves!

1. THE POLAR EXPRESS By: Chris Van Allsburg

A long adventure-filled train ride to the North Pole. Boy does T&T love this movie and the book. What amazing imagery! Tyler’s favorite part: “When the kids finally get to see Santa after the long trip!”

2. THE COOLEST SNOW MAN EVER By: Siobhan Ciminera

This book has stickers and holiday stencils. Done. Tristin’s favorite part: “This book has stickers and stencils!”


Who doesn’t love Charlie Brown? The poor guy! Even at Christmas he has a hard time! I love that all of Charlie Brown’s books have some sort of conflict, but in the end, it’s all resolved — just the way life should be!  Tyler’s favorite part: “I like when Charlie goes to visit Lucy for help in her psychiatry booth. Charlie had to pay 5 cents for help. That’s a lot!”


You can never go wrong with a ton of accessories and a smile! Fancy Nancy is the best, and always aims to please. Tristin’s favorite part: “I like when Fancy Nancy decorates the tree, she is so good at it!”


Everything goes wrong for this spunky family of four this holiday season, but in the end it reminder the family what is most important: L.O.V.E.

Tyler’s favorite part: “I like when the cat and mouse chase eachother and they ruin the house, including the Christmas tree! Yikes!”


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Do you have time to entertain? I mean, other than entertaining the kiddies? Me either, so I was excited to attend two events, hosted by two ahhmazing women, to learn some entertaining tips, trends and tricks to make entertaining easy! Thanks to MOM TRENDS and LIZA AMERICA’S HOST, I am ready to be the hostess with the mostest!

If you’re not familiar with MOM TRENDS, get familiar! MOM TRENDS is a great blog and resource on what’s hot for kids and mamas alike started by Nicole Feliciano.

Nicole Feliciano of Mom Trends


From L to R: Denise of "Moms and the City", Nicole of Mom Trends and I

So, what did I learn? Put a spin on the classics! Regular donuts at an event? Nope! BOOZY donuts at an event? Oh yeah! Boozy donuts are regular donuts literally injected with a small amount of liquor. Fun, huh?

How about bringing back the punch bowl and adding some decorative edible flowers (which I didn’t know existed, by the way) for a decorative punch!

Making Boozy Donuts!

Takeaway? Make the ordinary, extraordinary! Check out this Mom Trends post for some amazing photos of the event! My camera was not cooperating. 😦


The next event was hosted by Liza America’s Host. Check out her website for tons of tips on “celebrating every day.” Liza is a mom who has owned two restaurants, so she knows how to entertain and get cookin’!

I think one of the most important lessons I learned was to be myself when entertaining and don’t worry so much!

Are you worry wart like me? Liza says entertaining is all about being yourself and taking it easy!

Liza showed us that cooking can be short, sweet and still D-LISH by showing us how to make an amazingly quick pizza with apples and manchego cheese, and a dessert perfect for the holidays with a hint of peppermint! Yum! Check her site here for the recipes!

Pizza made in 4 minutes!


All in all I realized that even with my nuts schedule, I too can entertain! I just have to find the right food, put a spin on things and, of course, be myself!

Are you big entertainer? Do you like to be the host?

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Well, if you read this blog you know I rarely talk about myself, because it’s always ALL ABOUT TYLER AND TRISTIN. But I HAVE to talk about the American Express-sponsored screening of the film I Don’t Know How She Does It that I was invited to by the fabulous Moms and the City ladies, Raina, Denise and Melissa.

I Don’t Know How She Does It stars Sarah Jessica Parker as a super busy, career-orientated mom who is trying her hardest to have it all!  Hey moms, don’t we all strive to be the best at everything too? — the perfect parent, employee, wife…and sometimes…when your hair is just about on the verge of falling out…you realize…something just has to give!  I must admit, I teared up at least 10 times, it truly is my story….and probably yours!


After the film it was sooo great to attend a Town Hall session with a lively discussion about the film and motherhood. You would think that SJP would just talk about the film and herself, but she kept giving the floor to us moms, she wanted to hear what WE had to say.  Amazing to have the illustrious woman who played Carrie Bradshaw listening to us! Amazing. 

What did we moms talk about?  Guilt. We all have it. As busy parents we feel bad we couldn’t attend this, or bake that, or go on that extra special zoo trip with the class.  Sometimes my guilt is just about wanting to step out and grab a bite with the girls and get away. What do we do with that guilty feeling in the pit of our stomachs?? Let it go!! We can’t do it all, and do we really want to?

We can try to do it all, and do a pretty good job for a while, but truly life is short, so why not spend it on what’s important? For me, the film was about finding and embracing what’s important and having the strength to take care of it…and let the rest…fall into place!

Thanks to the ladies of Moms and the City for this amazing invite!

I Don’t Know How She Does It opens tomorrow, Friday, September 16, 2011

Want to learn more? Visit: http://howshedoesitmovie.com.

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One of the best parts about writing this blog and producing Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City! is meeting fab mom bloggers all over the world!  One of my favorite eco-friendly mamas is Lynn Stone of Funtastically Green!  She has asked some of her fellow Green Galz to participate in a cool game to find out all about us! So want to know more about muah? HERE WE GO!

1. Who are you? Give us the goods girls – we really want to  know all about those skeletons in the closet.

I’m mother to Tristin and Tyler the best twins EVA, wife to a super handsome busy man, lawyer, eco chick and I LIVE to edit and produce fun videos featuring fun kiddies! From fashion to crafts, I love to see kids use their creativity to express themselves!

2. If there was one thing on the planet that you could protect or change, what would it be?

If I could, I would  protect future generations by ensuring that EVERYONE has access to clean drinking water.  Water should not be a luxury.

3. What’s your WORST green habit?

Not donating my electronics. I pile them up ready to give away, and it just never happens!

4. Which eco-guy is cuter? Leo Dicaprio, Woody Harrelson, Surf or Matt Damon

Uhh, Leo in TITANIC!

5. What’s your fav healthy food? Least fav?

I love pretty much every fruit, so fruit is my healthy fave. Least fave? VEGGIES!

6. If you could adopt an animal from WWF, what would it be? Why?

I’ve always loved pandas and have never seen one in person, so I guess that would be the animal.

I hope “adopt” means “provide resources for,” not bring it home!

7. If you could have any house, anywhere – where would you live?

Hmm, I think on a beach somewhere. Would love to see my three boys (including my hubby), frolicking somewhere in the sand!

8. Is bigger better? (A house that is girls! Shame on you *snickering*) Would you rather have a small house or a big house? Why?

I am a super, city girl. Never had a house, nor would I know what to do with one. So, if I had a choice, I would have a small house so that I don’t get too overwhelmed. It’s also a great way to save resources like water and energy.

Now you know a little more about little old me! Any surprises? Lynn: How did I do??

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It’s Wordless Wednesday – only a few words from me!

Love. These. Cute. Boyz.

"Take this villan!"

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy the little ones!


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Today (and every Friday) I’m giving my take on ECO kids Fashion or Fun!

Today,  it’s all about ECO-FRIENDLY, super fun, cool kids wear! “ETHI-COOL” kids wear to be exact, according to Denmark-based brand NEW GENERALS.

NEW GENERALS Fall 2011 collection is full of black, grey and white edgy prints made out of 100% organic cotton which is oooh so soft on kiddie skin, but totally hard, rock and roll on the eyes! (love that, by the way).

I love to find eco-friendly brands for kids, ESPECIALLY ones that have a unique twist. You might even catch your favorite “Eco Twins”, Tristin and Tyler sportin’ some NEW GENERALS since sizes range from 0-10! YAY!

Check out some of NEW GENERALS  Fall 2011 collection below.  It’s a lil’ rock and roll, and a lil’ eco! Just like Tristin and Tyler!! SOOO “ETHI-COOL”

What do you think?? Edgy ECO COOL, right?  Yup, I thought so!!


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I am VERY happy to introduce Laura of the Super Glue Mom Blog! She is guest posting on Tiffany’s Take this week, lucky me! Welcome, Laura!

I love Laura’s blog because it’s super informative, and she is totally honest about the trials and tribulations of being a parent (including having her hair glued by her kids, hence the blog name!).  Laura and I met on Twitter and we joke that we are long lost sisters!  Our journey to sisterhood began when I was dealing with a BIG dilemma trying to figure out what to do for Tristin & Tyler’s birthday in January.  I was so tired of being inside and it’s too cold to be outside in January!  Check out her cool take on bringing the outside IN!

The Ultimate Birthday Party

Frugal, fun, and your kid’s will love it!

I am thrilled to guest post today for my city-mom Tiffany.  I often joke that she is my lost sister in NYC.  We both have kids, see the importance of teaching them about being  ‘green’ and respecting our planet, we feel each other’s pain juggling work and family, and have spouses that we swear can’t keep up with all that we do sometimes.

One of the challenges we face as moms from the time our kids are born is coming up with fun and original birthday parties.  I remember not thinking my kid’s 1st birthday was all that important; that a small gathering with a little cake would be enough.  Boy was I wrong! The pressure!  When my son turned 3 last year, it was time for me to ‘think-outside-the-box.” What hasn’t been done before?  I settled with a drive-in movie themed party.  This is when Tiffany asked me to come up with an “original” birthday idea for her boys.

What birthday party idea could I come up with that she could do in the city and that would work for her ‘suburbia’ readers like me?  The solution: A birthday camp-out.  This can become an ultimate boy birthday party whether you live in a house with a back yard or in a 1,000sq ft apartment in the city.

What you’ll need:

  • A tent (it doesn’t have to be big), I love this one from Toys R Us
  • Sleeping bags or blankets (inflatable mattresses will do too)
  • Late night snacks & drinks
  • Fire-pit
  • Flashlights
  • Bug repellent for outdoor parties (Love Burt’s Bees Natural Insect Repellant)
  • A spooky story
  • A game or two

If you have a back yard, you might want to ‘stage’ a campground.  Pitch the tent, set sleeping bags/blankets/inflatable bed in the tent, set up a fire pit with a 2-3hr self burning log (or make a circle with stones and burry a couple of flashlights under leaves and twigs), set up a table with food and snacks, and a cooler for refreshments.  If you are doing all of this indoors, remove as much furniture from the living room and set the stage there. All ‘grilling’ can be done in the kitchen in a 350 degree oven.

If you have younger children that will not be sleeping over, you may want to do a 6-8pm party.  It would still be fun for them to bring the sleeping bags or blankets and play along. In this time, they’ll enjoy party food, read a story or two (my kids love Scooby Doo spooky stories) play a game, and make some s’mores.  If you have older kids that will be sleeping over, after s’mores is when they get to go in the tent and sleep for the night.  If the ghost stories prove to be a bit too effective, turn on the back door or patio lights for comfort. Make sure you have a big breakfast planned (see below) in the morning because they will have a huge appetite!

The Food:

  • Hot dogs of course! Bust out the bbq or grill them in the kitchen.
  • Grilled Nachos: In a piece of foil put a handful of tortilla chips and let each kid put the desired toppings: pinto or black beans, diced tomatoes, avocado, black-olive slices, salsa, and grated cheddar. Fold in the corners of the foil to create a pouch; label with permanent marker, place on the edges of the grill on low for 10 minutes, or until cheese has melted.
  • Grilled Cheese Tents & Campfire fries: Prepare grilled cheese sandwiches and frozen shoestring fries (as directed). Cut the sandwiches in half and stand them up lengthwise on plates so they lean into each other to form the tent. Secure with a toothpick on each end. Place a dollop of ketchup near the sandwiches and stack fries on top in a pile for the campfire.
  • Breakfast Banana Splits: Wrap up your backyard adventure with this a.m. treat for four. Combine 1/3 cup light-brown sugar and 3 Tbsp butter; stir until crumbly. Add 1 cup granola, mix, then set aside. Split bananas lengthwise with the skin still on (be careful not to cut all the way through). Place on sheets of foil and stuff with the granola mixture. Wrap the stuffed bananas with the foil, and roast on the grill for 10 to 15 minutes. (Rainy-day alternative: Bake at 350°F for 15 minutes.) Serve with a scoop of vanilla yogurt.


Flashlight Finders: Hide a prize, like a plastic bag filled with the makings of s’mores, in your yard (or split through out the house), and challenge your kids to find it. When they find all the bags to complete the s’mores, let the making begin!

Sing Along!

It’s corny, I know.  I can’t carry a tune; but it would not be “camping” if you don’t sing a few bars. Don’t remember any songs from your “camp” days?  Visit www.bussongs.com for ideas.

Man, oh man! What a FUN party it’s going to be!  Please send me an invitation! I’ll bring some snacks and the southern kids.

Laura aka Super Glue Mom



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