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So exited to have my pal Amity from Green Gifts Guide guest posting on the blog today! Check out her post below about getting kids outdoors, then  be sure to visit her blog to find out about cool ideas for green gifting and so much more!

Take it away, Amity!

For an Eco-Friendly Birthday Party, Take it Outside

Fall is a great time to get out and enjoy the best of what Mother Nature has to offer.  Our favorite eco-twins, Tristin and Tyler are always out and about interviewing New Yorkers.  You won’t find these boys cooped up inside for long!  That’s why they know one of the best ways to celebrate is to get outside.

Getting outdoors is one of the best ways to instil a love for the planet in children.  Studies show that children who spend time in nature are happier, calmer, and well adjusted as adults. Plus, outdoors the kids can be as noisy and active as they want to be without disturbing the neighbors if you live in close quarters!

Turn the conventional birthday party upside down by trying one of these ideas for creating a fun and exciting, eco-friendly birthday party for your kids:

  • Take a tour of a local organic farm and learn about animals and plants.
  • Visit an orchard or pumpkin patch.
  • Allow the kids to explore a local botanical garden, then bring them home to plant seeds of their own to take home.
  • If your local zoo practices humane and conservation-oriented animal keeping spend the day there with the kids to help them learn about endangered animals and ecosystem preservation.
  • Go on an overnight camping trip in a local national or regional park.
  • Host your own mini Olympic events including jump rope, relay races, kickball, or leap frog. Offer kids healthy cookies as “medals” – everyone’s a winner!
  • Head out to a free musical presentation or drama production (summer is a great time for such events).
  • Take the kids to a local nursery, buy them each a small tree seedling, and have them plant the tree in a local park or their own backyards. More ideas at American Forests.
  • Learn about birds by going bird watching, conducting a bird quest in a local forest, and having the kids learn to make their own flying airplanes.
  • Head out to a local butterfly conservatory and treat the kids to the miracle of a hatching butterfly.

Author bio:

Amity Hook-Sopko created Green Gifts Guide with her passion to share how gift giving can be responsible, sustainable and fun!  She loves helping busy moms find simple solutions for eco-friendly gift giving.


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I’ve gotten a lot of requests from moms (and some dads) to share what Tristin and Tyler are wearing! Cool, huh?

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you!

Here’s what they wore this week (with new haircuts, I might add)!

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It’s Friday, my day to review cool GREEN kiddie products! YAY!  

Courtney Chu

Meet Courtney Chu, owner and designer of CourtneyCourtney, a children’s brand like no other! Why? Courtney uses old t-shirts and remnants of other fabrics and turns them into cool girlie duds!  Is that eco-friendly or what?

I asked Courtney some questions about her upcycled line!  Check it out and make sure to enter the giveaway for a cool CourtneyCourtney upcycled pouch (details below)!

Tiffany: Why did you start CourtneyCourtney? 

Courtney:  I’ve been making things since I was little, rented a shelf at a local antiques mall in middle school where I sold jewelry. I decided on the name in college, when I was beginning to experiment more with fabrics and t-shirts.

Tiffany:  Was your goal to be green/eco-friendly?

Courtney:  Not at first, mostly it was convenience because t-shirts are everywhere!  But now it’s inherent.  It’s the first step in my process, hit the thrift store and find fabrics that inspire me.

Tiffany:  How did you decide on the concept?

Courtney:  Constant experimentation.  Sew something up, try it on, change it.

Tiffany:  What’s the most challenging aspect of being in children’s fashion?

Courtney:  It is competitive and I want to make sure my work is diverse yet wearable.  We can design a wide range of styles but when it comes down to it, the children have to love it.

Tiffany: I think the best thing about your brand is how unique each piece is, what is your favorite aspect about the brand?

Courtney:  Each dress is a new mood, feeling, and comes from fabrics that had their own stories.  The idea is that you can wake up, and put on something that is totally unique and ready to go on new adventures!

Win a cool upcycled pouch bag from CourtneyCourtney for your little girl!

Here’s How!

1. Like CourtneyCourtney on Facebook by clicking here

2. Like Tristin and Tyler and Facebook by clicking here

3. Leave a comment below to let us know that you “liked” us on Facebook and why you want a cool pouch and you’re entered to win!

The winner will be picked randomly on Friday, September 30, 2011 and announced on this Blog!



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Well, if you read this blog you know I rarely talk about myself, because it’s always ALL ABOUT TYLER AND TRISTIN. But I HAVE to talk about the American Express-sponsored screening of the film I Don’t Know How She Does It that I was invited to by the fabulous Moms and the City ladies, Raina, Denise and Melissa.

I Don’t Know How She Does It stars Sarah Jessica Parker as a super busy, career-orientated mom who is trying her hardest to have it all!  Hey moms, don’t we all strive to be the best at everything too? — the perfect parent, employee, wife…and sometimes…when your hair is just about on the verge of falling out…you realize…something just has to give!  I must admit, I teared up at least 10 times, it truly is my story….and probably yours!


After the film it was sooo great to attend a Town Hall session with a lively discussion about the film and motherhood. You would think that SJP would just talk about the film and herself, but she kept giving the floor to us moms, she wanted to hear what WE had to say.  Amazing to have the illustrious woman who played Carrie Bradshaw listening to us! Amazing. 

What did we moms talk about?  Guilt. We all have it. As busy parents we feel bad we couldn’t attend this, or bake that, or go on that extra special zoo trip with the class.  Sometimes my guilt is just about wanting to step out and grab a bite with the girls and get away. What do we do with that guilty feeling in the pit of our stomachs?? Let it go!! We can’t do it all, and do we really want to?

We can try to do it all, and do a pretty good job for a while, but truly life is short, so why not spend it on what’s important? For me, the film was about finding and embracing what’s important and having the strength to take care of it…and let the rest…fall into place!

Thanks to the ladies of Moms and the City for this amazing invite!

I Don’t Know How She Does It opens tomorrow, Friday, September 16, 2011

Want to learn more? Visit: http://howshedoesitmovie.com.

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Get to Swappin’

HALLOWEEN! Yes, I said it, I know you think it’s to early to say the words “trick-or-treat” or “costume”  but it is coming up fast!  Have you gotten your kids’ costumes already? Me either!  But no worry!  There’s no stress in finding (or paying for) costumes if you host and/or attend a Costume Swap!

Anyone want to swap for these costumes?

Yup, kids all over the country are swapping costumes thanks to www.greenhalloween.org!  National Costume Swap DayTM is October 8, 2011!  It’s all about encouraging your community NOT to throw away costumes that no longer fit (or that your child refuses to wear) and swap it out for a costume your child will adore!
Yup, swapping these too!

How can YOU get to swappin’?  Well, you can check the Green Halloween website to see if there is a Costume Swap in your area.  Or, even better, host a swap yourself!

It’s so easy to host your own swap! You can register with Green Halloween at no cost!  Whether your swap is big or small, you are:

1. helping to reduce the amount of waste in landfills, including plastic packaging and other hard to recycle materials, 

2. saving money and

3. teaching your kids that sharing is TRULY caring!  

Want hosting tips? Visit here! For what kind of healthy treats to share, games to play and ways to be sure and have a successful swap!

Want some more resources? Check out one of my FAVORITE magazines for healthy kiddies Kiwi Magazine!   If you just can’t get enough tips, visit Swap.com!

Tristin and Tyler will definitely be participating in National Costume Swap DayTM  They even have a really cool video coming up all about costume swapping fun with friends!


Do you think you will host a swap? Where? Let us know!

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Well, it’s just about the end of summer (bummer) and Tristin and Tyler have worked hard on some fun episodes to show you parents what you just have to take advantage of in NYC before school really gets into full swing! You can do the activities with your kiddies, watch Tristin and Tyler’s episodes and then take the quiz with the kids in each episode to see what you remember! Cool huh? Make sure to tell us all about it on our Facebook page! Let’s get started!

FIRST UP: Central Park Face Painting!

Tyler turning into a Ninja!

Tristin and Tyler had the pleasure of meeting Melinda of Children’s Parties NYC! She does amazing face painting in Central Park! Want to find her? She hangs out right outside of the Heckscher Playground entrance and she makes kids look super whimsical! This week we will launch Tyler’s interview with Melinda, so stay tuned for that!

Tyler interviewing Melinda!

Tristin turning into....watch the episode and see!

NEXT! Sweetery Sweets!!

Tristin and Tyler on the Sweetery NYC truck!

Since the weather will soon be turning chilly, you’ve GOT to take advantage of NYC’s amazing food trucks! Our favorite? SWEETERY NYC! Why? Sweet stuff, great staff and they have super eco-friendly practices! Stay tuned for Tristin & Tyler’s interview with the owners of this fabulous truck, and watch the boys help out serving sweet treats to New Yorkers!


If you’re a New Yorker, you have definitely heard of Karma Kids Yoga, but you’ve never seen Karma Kids like this! Fun-filled and super stretchy, this episode follows Tristin and Tyler through their first yoga lesson and they will teach your kiddies a few moves too!

Tristin and Tyler using their feet to pass a ball

So now that you know what you have to do before school really gets under way, DO IT!   Take the kids to do these activities, watch the episodes and then let your kids take Tristin and Tyler’s quiz to see what they’ve learned! SO FUN!!


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