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Here are some highlights from Tristin & Tyler’s super busy weekend!! They attended their cousin’s first birthday

party (YAY!), got some really cool face painting from Children’s Parties NYC and shot two Fashion videos for two kids magazines. BUSY HUH?

Here are some images from the video shoots I produced and some cool face painting shots!




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It’s Wordless Wednesday – only a few words from me!

Love. These. Cute. Boyz.

"Take this villan!"

Happy Wednesday! Enjoy the little ones!


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Do YOU eco shop?  What’s “eco shopping,” you ask? If you really want to know — and want some cute kids to tell you, don’t miss the next episode of  “Tristin & Tyler’s Tales from the City!”

In the next episode, follow the boys to Brooklyn where they will meet the fabulous Ann, owner of Annie’s Blue Ribbon General Store!

Annie, Tyler and Tristin

Why the store is COOL:

The General Store has super unique, corky items you wouldn’t otherwise find all in one place!  It’s a great place for fun gifts for an adult or a child.  The store “combines the charm of a country general store, with the sophistication of a modern city lifestyle.”

Learn to ECO SHOP:

In this episode, Annie teaches Tristin and Tyler all about shopping for eco-friendly alternatives to normal everyday purchases!  Need napkins for a dinner party?  Buy reusable cloth napkins instead!  Reusable napkins save money, and trees!  Now that’s ECO SHOPPING!

Discount, anyone?

We all love to save, so you can thank Annie and (your favorite eco twins) for a limited time offer where you can receive of 20% off your total purchase at Annie’s General Store by using the code TRISTINANDTYLER. But hurry, this offer expires on August 12, 2011!

"Look Annie, no hands!"

Yup, there’s MORE!

Don’t be misled, this General Store doesn’t just carry eco-friendly items, this is a true GENERAL store — they have just about anything you can think of from toys, wall art, to cool books and pet items! You can even order online! YAY!

So definitely check the store out here, and then check the episode out at the best website eva www.tristinandtyler.com on Thursday!


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It’s JULY and I hope you all had an amazing 4th of July weekend, but I truly can’t believe it’s July! I was speaking to some parents this weekend who were already talking about back-to-school shopping!! Can you believe that? WOW-EEE!

Speaking of school shopping, I am a bit sad to write this post!  Why? Because it’s all about one of my favorite Eco brands for kids (and adults) which will no longer be available come the new year:  Simple Shoes.   I first learned of Simple Shoes when I was researching green/eco clothes for the boys’ first photo shoot for Babiekins Magazine.  I was sooo happy to find Simple Shoes because they are cute, easy to maintain AND SUPER eco-friendly.  Can’t beat that!

”]When I reached out to Simple Shoes for Tristin and Tyler’s latest adventure in fashion, I learned that the shoes wouldn’t be available in the new year! GASP!!

So I thought, I HAVE to:

A. write a post and get you parents out there to get a pair for summer, school or even as a holiday gift and

B. Get the boys some new pairs before it’s too late!!


Have you ever purchased shoes with organic shoelaces? Ever purchased sneakers and received a shoebox and insole made from recycled paper?  How about soles made from recycled rubber tires?  Well, those are the types of materials Simple Shoes uses to make their shoes, and if incorporating these materials into each product isn’t reducing the amount of waste in our landfills, I don’t know what is!  That’s why I care!

Simple Shoes has footwear for infants, your little walkers and shoes for big kids up to twelve. I am sooo gonna miss them!

Check out some of the styles below, then hurry and get them by visiting www.simpleshoes.com before they’re gone! 😦

Why are all the good brands, with GREAT GREEN missions going bye, bye?


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