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Move over Dancing with the Stars, Tristin and Tyler are shakin’ it up!  In the next episode of Tristin & Tyler’s Tales from the City!  the boys meet Agatha Relota, model and author of Carla and Leo’s World of Dance, a super fun children’s book about the world of dance!  From the Samba to the Cha Cha, this book has it all including AHHMAZING illustrations by Thierry Perez.
The boys attended the book launch event at Swarovski SOHO! What an amazing, absolutely gorgeous location!

The boyz at Swarovski Crystalized store in SOHO

The boyz…

interviewed Agatha and received signed copies of the book (which they read all the way home)!

Tyler interviewing model/author Agatha Relota

received a dance lesson from Pierre Dulaine and his troop of talented youngsters of Dancing Classrooms (ignore Tyler’s silly face, please),

The Boyz and Pierre Dulaine!

and met Moms and the City hosts Denise and Raina!

Boyz w/ Raina and Denise of MOMS AND THE CITY

Can a night get any better? Doubt it!!

Check out more photos below and STAY TUNED because this episode is going to be super hot! Cha Cha Cha!


The boyz w/ Faye Rogaski, socialsklz founder & head of Faye Elizabeth Communications

Agatha and the Boyz

Tyler's partner takes a flick with the boyz!


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Today (and every Friday) I’m giving my take on ECO kids Fashion or Fun!

Today,  it’s all about ECO-FRIENDLY, super fun, cool kids wear! “ETHI-COOL” kids wear to be exact, according to Denmark-based brand NEW GENERALS.

NEW GENERALS Fall 2011 collection is full of black, grey and white edgy prints made out of 100% organic cotton which is oooh so soft on kiddie skin, but totally hard, rock and roll on the eyes! (love that, by the way).

I love to find eco-friendly brands for kids, ESPECIALLY ones that have a unique twist. You might even catch your favorite “Eco Twins”, Tristin and Tyler sportin’ some NEW GENERALS since sizes range from 0-10! YAY!

Check out some of NEW GENERALS  Fall 2011 collection below.  It’s a lil’ rock and roll, and a lil’ eco! Just like Tristin and Tyler!! SOOO “ETHI-COOL”

What do you think?? Edgy ECO COOL, right?  Yup, I thought so!!


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Hello!  Ready for some behind-the-scenes info on the next episode of Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City!? Cool!

This week your favorite twins go to the Veggie Pride Parade in NYC and meet Edita and Dustin of the animal advocacy organization Friends of Animals.   Friends of Animals’ goal is to “free animals from cruelty and institutionalized exploitation around the world.”

Tristin and Tyler learn all about the organization’s initiatives, check out their cool vegan cookbook and eat vegan cookies for the first time! YUM!

Tyler, Tristin w/ Edita and Dustin from Friends of Animals

Have you heard of Friends of Animals, or any other animal rights advocacy organizations that are doing good for animals in NYC?  We’d love to know so Tristin and Tyler can check them out!  🙂

Do you donate time to animals or have you adopted one? Let us know by commenting below!

In the meantime, STAY TUNED to www.tristinandtyler.com for the episode tomorrow!



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