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I am glad Martin Luther King day is here.  Yes, it’s nice to have an extra day off to spend at home with the family, but I am glad to know that we have come pretty far over the years because in addition to what we as parents have told Tristin and Tyler about this courageous individual, the boys have learned all about Mr. King and his “I Have a Dream Speech” in school.  Martin Luther King Day is a great day to be thankful for the right to share the same freedoms as everyone else.

When I asked Tristin and Tyler who Martin Luther King was they yelled simultaneously “a PEACE MAKER!” — and that he was, among many other things!

In honor of Martin Luther King day, Tristin and Tyler made Equality Flowers.  We made the flowers by tracing their little hands, cutting the hand shapes out, (one in black paper and the other in white), and putting them together to make pedals and then adding a stem with a pipe cleaner.  We didn’t need to add anything else because just like that, the flower became symbolic. But being the green/eco-friendly family that we are, we decided to add a twist (how could we resist!) by using recycled magazines to include “the faces of the world.”  Tristin and Tyler looked through a whole bunch of magazines to find people of all colors, races and religions. We added the faces to the flowers to show that although we may look different, as Tyler says: “we are all the same, no matter what!”

Want to see our Equality Flowers? Of course you do!  🙂 Check out the craft episode below, and try to do a similar craft with your little ones or something else just as symbolic on this important day!

Happy Martin Luther King Day!



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Happy New Year!

This year we are super excited to bring you all new eco-friendly, New York City-filled webisodes, Tristin and Tyler modeling in a cool kids magazine rockin’ eco-friendly duds from brands like Keen and Grass & Clovers and lots of green crafting GALORE!

What’s up first you ask?  Well, you’re in for such a treat!

We are kicking the year off with an interview of a super talented lady!  Yup, we are all talented in some way, but you have to be supah dupah talented to be able to turn a broken umbrella into a designer dress!  On the next webisode of “Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City!” you will have the pleasure of joining Tristin and Tyler as they interview Catherine Charlot, owner of Himane apparel and accessories.

Tyler interviewing Catherine of Himane

The Himane brand is oh so GREEN!  Upcycling, reusing, recycling!  You name it, Catherine is doing it in order to transform the ordinary into the EXTRAORDINARY!  Tristin and Tyler call Catherine’s exquisite garments “beautiful, wearable art.”  They even had the opportunity to watch her make a tote bag out of an umbrella in no time flat!  You have to see this!

Tristin learning how to use a sewing machine with Catherine

Tristin learning how to use a sewing machine w/ Catherine

So stay tuned for the webisode coming up on Monday and be sure to share the link with friends and kids who love to learn about being GREEN in the City!! PLEASE!??

Enjoy and Happy New Year!


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