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Separation + Pizza = Meltdown!

Because I have twin boys, I think it’s really important that they each have their own identity.   They already dress the same (because I just can’t help myself) and have the same birthday, so each year I put them in separate classes in school and always  encourage them to build their own friendships.

So, I was happy to let Tyler go on a playdate with a pal of his after school one day and I was absolutely certain that Tristin would love the alone time with me because he is a bit competitive when it comes to my attention, but I was sooo WRONG!

Play-by-Play of our time together without Tyler:

Off to the pizza shop, just us two!!

10 minutes in Tristin says:  “Do you think Tyler is eating now too?”

30 seconds later Tristin says: “Do you think Tyler is playing now?” then…

30 seconds after that: “Wonder if Tyler is having fun, we should bring him back some pizza.”

30 seconds later:  Tristin starts to draw, which he loves, so I assume he is content.

Tristin bored out of his mind at the pizza shop w/ me

10 minutes later we’re on our way out of the pizza shop:  “Are we picking him up now?”

I told him we were going to enjoy some TV and cookies, just the two of us.  He didn’t seem too enthused, and looked very uneasy.

1 hour later: “Is Tyler sleeping over his friend’s house? It’s so dark out!”

10 minutes pass : “Is Tyler coming back?”

So being the great mother that I am 🙂  I sit Tristin on my lap and console him… so I thought.   He walked away seemingly satisfied that his brother would indeed return, but, three minutes later he he does a belly flop on the floor (that HAD to hurt) and begins crying like crazy, he yells: “Oh my god, I miss him so much, why won’t he come back!? It’s dark out, we are never apart when it’s dark….ahh!”

I was sooo surprised!  I must admit it was nice to see that he loved his brother so much, but obviously, I had no clue how much!!

Do your kids ever experience SEVERE separation anxiety?  What have  you done in the past to ease the pain?


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Free kites, food, face painting and snow cones for all! OH MY!

Flying kites on a beautiful Sunday so high in the sky!

Tristin, Tyler and their 12 year-old cousin Maine, attended the 6th Annual Kite Flight sponsored by the Fashion Center Business Improvement District atop the Port Authority Bus Terminal on 42nd Street.

Not only was watching the kids get their kites up in the air for more than 30 seconds (with no wind) amazing, but my husband and I were oh-so amused by watching how many kids:

1. strangled their parents with kite strings or

2.  got a bump on their noggin with other kids who were doing full-on Olympic Games-worthy sprints while looking up at their kites, and paying no attention to the objects (or people) in front of them.

Common statements heard at the event:

1.  “Ouch!”

2. “Watch where you’re going!”

3. “You’re choking me!”

Tristin and Tyler and Tiffany of Replayground

One of the highlights of the event was seeing Tiffany Threadgould of Replayground who joined TerraCycle to make and fly kites made out of recycled M&M and Oreo packaging – so cool!

What a great event to end the Summer and start the Fall!!


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This entry is all ’bout  the latest episode of  “Tristin and Tyler’s Tales from the City” featuring Tristin and Tyler and 7 amazing pals of theirs creating oh-so-cool t-shirts at the  “The Best T-Shirt Party Ever!” Check it out here!

So, what’s a t-shirt party? Lil’ ones creating their own clothes for a change! Here is my recipe for an x-tra special t-shirt partay!

My Special Ingredients:

9  kids

9 white t-shirts

Iron-on names for each child

Non-washable paint and embellishments (a.k.a. “bling”) from Lee’s Art Shop for the kids to glue on and;

Lots of yummy treats and juice boxes!

AND AWAY THEY WENT! Gluing, squeezing, spilling and globbing on paint and “diamonds” (as the kids called them) to their hearts’ content.  Ahh, the mess that comes along with creating something unique.

Truly, it was great to see so many individual personalities emerge on a piece of clothing that could be worn over and over, and shown off to friends!  What’s better than that for a child?  A toy store? Well… yes that could possibly be more fun, but we’re talking t-shirts here, stay focused!

Tyler painting his t-shirt

Oh! A very important warning:  Have the party in a place that can get messy.   If you do it in your living room, I can assure you that your furniture will be a little more, um… shall I say, unique!  But, I can also assure you that House Beautiful will not be featuring your new furniture in its splendid pages anytime soon!  But maybe you can finally get that HGTV makeover you’ve wanted for so long!  Your new artsy furniture could actually be a messy, blessing in disguise!  🙂

Anyway, back to the party…

The party was such a success because each child was able to take a piece of the party home, and that little piece of fun can just about last forever (or at least as long as the t-shirt fits someone).

A t-shirt party is also a pretty eco-friendly idea because at any other party, each kid would receive a plastic party bag with plastic toys inside which would sit in a landfill for years and the t-shirts are a great, reusable alternative!

So have a t-shirt party with your kids!  If and when you do, please send me pics, I will post them!

Enjoy and stay tuned for the fun episode!


Party People!

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Goodbye, Summer, my love…

Well, it is officially over.  Summer.  I really, truly can’t believe that I have to start worrying about sweaters and knit hats, instead of cute dresses and bbqs 😦

But alas, it is reality.  So as I start thinking about the boys’ new wardrobe and fun indoor activities for the four of us, I wanted to remember pieces of this Summer.

We swam…


Tristin under water

Hubby and I attended lovely dinner parties, drank champagne and enjoyed my family…

We welcomed my niece with an amazing baby shower…

My Sister's Baby Shower

Baby Shower Cake

Let the Boys go a little crazy…just a little, paint washed out easy!

Spent time with my three guys…

My 3 guys in Central Park

Now that it’s over, I can start to look forward to all that the Fall brings: Cooler temperatures (cozying up with a good movie), fun crafts and indoor activities (more chances to bond with the boys) and the holidays which I enjoy so much because the boys enjoy it so much.

Here’s to the change in temperature, clothing and activities…let’s gear up!

The boys enjoying the snow


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No Kiddies, Now What?

So, I wake up this morning, go for a run and then come back to find that my husband decides he wants to go to the movies with his sons!

We are arguing, so I guess I wasn’t invited, but there is NOOO problem there!!  Bye, bye boys, big hugs and kisses, and off they go!   While most Sundays are calm and cool days in the house watching DVDs (for the four of us), today I realized “No kids, now what?”

So many thoughts ran through my head, the first? wow, I will miss them, the second? What on earth will I do with all this free time??

So I started to clean.  I mopped, did dishes, put away some laundry and then I realized – I would have done this if they were here so I screeched to a halt!

Now what??  Mani and a Pedi!! What a great idea! Go to the salon, maybe a massage?  So many options, so little time before they return!

My next thought, BLOG!! So here I am blogging away about what I should do.  Still confused about it, and at this point I am realizing that if I don’t make my mind up soon, they will be back and I can say “asta la vista” to any alone time! No, no, no – can’t let that happen.  So as I end this confusing, all-over-the-place blog, I have decided to take a shower, walk out the door and figure it out outdoors!

It’s funny how you can lose yourself in all that you do in day, whether it’s watching your kids, cleaning or working.  I forget sometimes that I am still a young woman with great friends and family to hang out with.  So, with that in mind, I will do some of the things I love which are always hard to do with kids: hang out with the rest of my family, have a glass of wine, buy a new book, blog and just enjoy my city…

Off I go!  Talk to you soon…

Oh, still miss em… 😦

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